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2017 New Design Spider Bungee With Moulded Steel Hooks

Jiande City Hardman Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2017

2017 New Design Spider Bungee With Moulded Steel Hooks


8-arming spider bungees means 8 arms to secure from each directions, which are usually used to secure the helmet\luggage\case on motor back seat, in trailer or on car roof rack.  


The normal spider bungee in the market is using poor plastic ring & metal hooks, considering that product needs to understand that is for light duty use only.  The metal hook may scratch your car and the ring may break after a couple of stretch use. 

But definitely not this item, it use much thicker & stronger nylon connect part and thick plastic coated steel hook. Which will reserve the stretch capacity but say goodbye to scratches. Further, the medium hook openning fit for most of anchor point.  

We're so confident that this spider bungee cord will help to secure everything down to prevent anything from falling out during transport. It stretch and hold up really well...

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